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The Top 10 Most Affordable Pets

February 20th 2009 02:42
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All kids, while growing up or at some point in their life, fancy having a pet. But as in most cases, this wish of theirs doesn't come true. It is popularly believed that pets teach you all you needed to know about life. Though pets can be fun, they can prove to be quite expensive too. This list of the top ten affordable pets is for those of you who are campaigning at your homes for a not so expensive pet and for those of you on a tight budget but badly want to own a pet. Many of these pets, though they require an initial investment, have a low upkeep cost.
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1. Birds: These make great pets for those on a limited budget as these not only cost less but are easy on the pocket to maintain as well. Bird feed is not very expensive and can be bought in bulk at a very low cost. Birds commonly kept as pets include parakeets and canaries.

2. Hamsters: These are fine pets for small children as taking care of them does not require much responsibility. The Golden or Syrian Hamsters are the best-known species that are commonly kept as pets. These serve as a source of entertainment for the whole family as well. However, most hamsters sleep during the day and are awake at night.

3. Fishes: All fishes do not come cheap. But the classic guppy and goldfishes come cheap and require very little maintenance. However, it is to be kept in mind that in case of fishes, the mortality rate tends to be a little high than the other common pets. This could lead to quite a bit of heartache!

4. Rats or Mice: These are among the most common pets owing to the ease of taking care of these animals. They are loving and quite playful and show minimal shedding and are the least allergic. In contrast to common belief, these animals are rather clean too!
5. Hermit Crabs: These have been shown to be quite cheap and easy to take care of. You just have to sift the sand in the tank regularly and give it enough food and water daily and it will thrive well for many years.

6. Guinea Pigs: These are bigger than hamsters and smaller than rabbits. These animals are quite cuddly and are a popular choice among families.

7. Cats: The house cat or the domestic cat, as it is popularly called, is a very common choice for a pet. All it needs is a yearly or so visit to the vet, a can of food daily and a bowl of fresh water.

8. Dogs: Known as man's best friend, dogs too are quite economical if you do not insist on a purebred one. Dogs on an average live for around 14 years and serve as obedient and faithful pets.

9. Turtles: Usually small freshwater and terrestrial turtles are commonly kept as pets. They have a very long life span and are easy to take care of.

10. Rabbits: Pet rabbits or house rabbits can be quite expensive when compared with the other pets on this list. They need an indoor cage or a pen or an accessible hutch outside the home.

Just remember - kids and husbands are not on the Top 10 List of the Most Affordable Pets (insert smile and laugh!)

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